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Bob wants all his Six-Gun Magic clients to be completely happy with his work because every gun must be counted on to work perfectly. Here you can read a sample of notes from satisfied customers – and you can leave your own comment by using the form at the bottom of this page!

“We always appreciate hearing from customers and fans.” – Bob Munden

“Just received my Ruger Blackhawk via Fed Ex after you performed a trigger/cone job.  Wow!  I cannot tell you how much improved the action has become thanks to you working your magic.  If this gun shoots as easily as it cycles, I’m gonna be one happy camper.  And, you are a man of your word: you said you’d send it back to me soon and you did.  You are welcome to count me as one of the legion of folks who have benefited from your considerable gunsmithing skill.  My best to you and yours.  Many thanks.”
— Tom D., Rio Rancho, NM

“I’m home for a few days of R&R, though I am headed back to Iraq this Friday. But before I go, I wanted to thank you for the work you did on my Beretta and my Cimarron. They turned out great. But frankly I’ve learned to expect nothing but that kind of quality from you. It’s important for me to thank people who earn it and I wanted to thank you for my latest gun work.
— Russ T., Iraq

No Russ. Thank YOU. — Bob Munden

“A few weeks back I received my Colt replica. I was speechless. You were right. It is unbelievable. At 15 yards, 6 shots, .45 LC, a dime could cover well. They were all in the same hole. You are truly amazing. The work you did on the pistol was awesome. I was showing the fellows at our hunting club. When they worked the pistol, you should have seen the grins on their faces.”
— John S., Canadensis, PA

“I want to say thank you for the magnificent job you just completed on my pair of Vaqueros. Both guns have an excellent trigger — hit exactly to the same point of aim and are just fantastic to work with. All in all I cannot imagine finer work nor better quality. I will be recommending your action work to all I see or talk to about single-action revolvers.”
— Norm A., Carnation, WA

“First off, I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did on my Ruger Vaquero. You were the third person to work on it (one actually made it worse,) and it has never been more enjoyable to shoot. Last weekend I went out and shot targets 70 yards away just lining up the sights. Before it shot high right even at 15 yards. Thank you so much.”
– Allen S., Plainwell, MI

“Received my two Ruger Vaqueros today with the test targets. You really have a magic wand, and I will praise your work to everybody. I’m going to frame the targets and hang them in my new reloading room — and, when anyone asks about my Rugers, I will tell them that these two guns were fired by Bob Munden himself, and there’s the targets to prove it.”
– Larry M., Greenville, CA

“Just had to thank you again for the remarkable work on the old Colt. After many years of owning this gun, most of the shooting was from the hip (no Fast Draw.) Since I got it back from you, this is the first time it hits where I aim it!
– Richard W., Stroudsburg, PA

“The only thing I could say is ‘SWEET’ — ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I am so anxious to shoot them. First thing tomorrow I am heading for the range.”
– Josephine B., McLean, VA

“I just want to let you know I tried my guns tonight and want to thank you so much. They felt wonderful. I use to really struggle pulling the hammer back during quick shots. After my first run tonight I found I could wait on my targets and concentrate fully on my position of my horse and gun, and not even think twice about pulling the hammer back. So once again thank you very much for all your time you have spent explaining and teaching me.”
– Pam B., Deerfield, WI

“You have fine-tuned three of my single action revolvers, one Ruger and two Ubertis. They are nothing short of awesome!
– Ken O., North Miami, FL

“I received my .44-.40 this morning and I am nothing short of stunned. I have shot pistols since I was a boy on a West Texas ranch in the 40’s and 50’s, I currently own over a dozen revolvers of various types and calibers as well as a like number of 1911s and other autos from some of the best known custom houses, and I have never seen or felt an action like the one you put on this Colt. In summary, they say that form follows function, but when you can get both in the same package, well it just doesn’t get any better than that!! Thanks, Amigo.
– Jim T., San Antonio, TX

“I would like to say that the recent action work you performed on my Colt Single Action Army is superb. I have never fired any handgun that possessed an action anywhere near as smooth, and have not had any misfires.”
– Edward S., Oakland, CA

“Thank you for the great service. … The best part was that you did not charge for the trigger adjustment but yet made it a priority with prompt service. I truly appreciate it.”
– Robert O., Bay Village, OH

“You made my Colt feel so good that my Uberti felt bad, so I am sending it to you to work your magic. The birds eye maple grips are beautiful, everyone that has seen the gun and felt its action raved about it. I can’t wait till my Cowboy Action Shooting starts up in March to use these fine guns, you are the master.”
– Peter C., Danbury, CT

“Just a quick note to thank you for the work you did on the guns. They are not only beautiful – they are smooth as silk. Thank you so much.”
– Claudia L., Salt Lake City, UT

“I have to say that I shoot in a lot of the firearms disciplines – trap, skeet, sporting clays, varmint rifle, bulls eye pistol, and assorted plinking with a wide variety of pistols and rifles. But, thanks to you, I have come to enjoy Cowboy Action Shooting most of all – quite simply because my guns work so splendidly. Since you modified them, Bob, they are like owning and using the best example of something – in this case, sixguns. I cannot own a Ferrari, or a Boss over-under, or a Lear jet. But I can own and shoot a Munden Colt, and that’s a real pleasure and source of pride to me.”
– Jim C., New York, NY

“Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the time you spent talking to me on the phone, both for your knowledgeable way of talking to me through the process of the custom work, and for your unflinching words on the dangers of fast draw with live ammo, improper equipment and poor safety measures… You didn’t talk to me like a celebrity to a fan, but like a fellow shooting buff, and that makes me even more of a fan now. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the shooting sports, and for the fans.”
– Jay W., USA

“How do I feel about my Premier Action Race Gun Colt since its return? That’s easily summed up in one sentence. I believe in magic again!”
– Max B., Blackhawk, CO

“The Colts you did for me arrived today. I have been wearing them in a black double holster ever since I took them out of the box. My wife says I definitely have to take them off before I come to bed.”
– Glenn G., USA

“I just have to tell you. Thank you, thank you and thank you for the fine job on the two Colts I sent you to turn into race guns, and the trigger job you did on the Ruger Vaquero. They are the three finest guns I have ever owned and shot. You truly are a master gun smith and my hat’s off to you – for you do love your guns more than we do.”
– James S., Memphis, TN

“Thanks for the extra effort on doing my two Colts. They are beautiful, just beautiful.”
– Mike W., Richardson, TX

“I got my 7 ½” Colt back, wow, a different gun, thanks. … I am sure you know that you are a hero to me and many others out here for keeping the West alive and for your personal quests with a six gun. I am a considered a leader and an innovator in my field and really applaud anyone who has done the same in their field. You decided to take a chance to make your dream and your life’s work be one in the same. When we look back in history, the few shining moments came from people who had the guts to be different and make a statement. I just wanted you to know there are many who appreciate what you’ve done and your statement.”
– Richard S., Santa Monica, CA

“My Ruger Vaquero works great! Thanks for the speed of your work. I was able to shoot our monthly SASS meet and I did better than ever!”
– David D., Mount Dora, FL

“Man-oh-Man you are a Genius! I have never seen anything like what you’ve done to my pistol. The action is superb, to say the least. The fire blue is beautiful and the grips are fantastic. I really love the shape in my hand. Thank you Very Much.”
– Michael J., Banning, CA

“I’m writing to express my happiness with the action jobs you performed on my two Vaqueros. Last week on Saturday I shot my best match yet. At first I thought that I wouldn’t shoot well at all because I hadn’t had time to practice with them before having to compete. As it turned out I didn’t miss a shot the entire match and took first place Traditional! I can’t attribute it all to your work (a level head and preventing myself from going too fast helped quite a lot.) However, I have been jokingly giving testament to the FACT that the first time I competed with Bob Munden-tuned revolvers I won first in my division (and third overall!) It’s true that a person’s talent can only be as good as the tools used to express it.”
– Jeffrey P., Denton, TX

“I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful action and trigger job that you did on my Vaquero. I have never handled a single action that was so smooth and slick to use. You are truly an artist in what you do. I also appreciate the time that you took in answering my questions over the phone. Would you also thank Mike Wallace for the job that he did on the grips. The wood is beautiful and they fit my hand perfectly. He also is a true artist and I really enjoyed the conversation I had with him about the different types of wood.”
– Jerry L., Baytown, TX

“Thanks for the magnificent work you did on my Cimmarron (Uberti) Cavalry revolver. I’ve never felt anything like it.”
– Malcolm W., Minden, NV

“A note to tell you how much I like the work you did on my six-gun. The timing is perfect and the hammer pull and release are incredible. Thanks.”
– E. M., Loma Linda, CA

“As usual, and what was expected, and in accordance of your custom and habit, I was pleased by your expertise, proficiency, skill and general over-all excellence”
– Ron, San Jose, CA

“I wanted to thank you for the quick work and innovative solutions to the problems I was having with my SAA. I also want to compliment you on the cocobolo 1-piece grips you made for me. What a difference it makes in handling and firing the gun!! You will get all my future business.”
– Bruce F., Springfield, OR

“I just received my ‘Mundenized’ full race Colt single action Army 45. My second Colt is on its way to you at this time. I presently own over one hundred handguns, fifteen are custom built by some of the best gunsmiths in the business. This Colt is the best example of superior craftsmanship. I have never seen anything like it. My Colt has been re-engineered and returned to me as a precisely honed piece of machinery that is smooth, strong and beautiful. There is also great improvement in my speed and accuracy with this full race customization. Thanks again, Partner.”
– Mark G., Philadelphia, PA

– Doug M., California

You can talk to Bob directly about your gunsmithing needs at 406.494.2833 (8am- 8pm MST) – or contact him online.


  1. Kenneth Meadows says:

    Jeff did an excellent job on two of my single actions. Buttery smooth actions and perfect triggers. He took the time to call me and keep me posted as the work was being done. Bob would be very proud!

  2. Matt langley says:

    Looking to get a couple of my guns slick end up. I’m intrested in staartong cowboy action shooting but I want to par active with slick guns. I have a gun at a gunsmith he has had for over a month with no calls on it.

    • Matt,
      We hope you received previous response. If your guns still need work, which I would guess they do, please send to Munden Enterprises, 1621 Sampson St, Butte, MT 59701. Our number is: 406-494-2833.

      Thanks for contacting us about setting your guns up right.

      Becky Munden

  3. Several years ago I heard that Ruger was going to cease production of one of my all time favorite guns the Ruger Blackhawk in 41 magnum (they had already ceased production on my favorite which I am glad I own the 41 magnum Ruger Redhawk), so I went to a gun show the next weekend and bought a brand new Blackhawk in 41 magnum and embarked on my dream gun ownership adventure. I sent the gun to Mr. Munden and had him perform a option #1 with engraving. To this day this firearm is one of my most prized possessions, by far the smoothest nicest action I have ever owned or felt in any pistol period, I later purchased another one just to shoot and plink around with as my “special” gun is just to nice. I got the opportunity to talk with Mr. Munden several times during the endeavor and it was always a joy and a honor. Mr. Munden was one individual whom I truly respected and revered in my lifetime. Thank you for making my gun ownership dream come true Mr. Munden this small family in Indiana will always miss you and your wit and remarkable abilities the rest of our lives….Bob and Stephen Magruder (my 12 year old son who saw you as a hero as well)

  4. brian hitchens says:

    I am a retired Principal;who has had a single action since 1973 but did not have the opportunity to hear of Bob or see his “fastest gun who ever lived series on video till in Yuma Arizona as an RVer this past November.Very saddened to read of his passing.I wanted so much to meet him; and shared life experiences together on our wy home in April..I am considering purchasing a new Colt 45 Peacemaker.Any suggests or advise would be appreciated.Be an honour to be able to purchase a product he would have recommended.Regards, Brian Hitchens

  5. Don Greene says:

    To the Family. (Bob is gone from this planet but not from our hearts) called him 1 day. he was very nice to speak to me about action job.I was the rich for my blood. I did buy the half dollar he shot in the air and his 2 DVDs that were out at the time I hate to see you sell off a lot of Bob stuff. I’m sorry you have to.I know the feel when you loose someone you love. It hurts bad. I hope you are with GOD. Thank you for all the fun and joy. RIP Bob.

    Don Greene Jr
    Hayden Idaho

  6. Jerry Lee Johnson says:

    Enjoyed talking to you about COLT S.A. pistols and cowboys and their guns.
    If you run across any information about WILD BILL ELLIOT please let me know.

  7. Chris Blessing says:

    I recieved my new Colt today, and ran 100 rounds through it without a hitch…… You definately out did yourself on this one pardner !!! Will definately take some getting used too……. It is so smooth and crisp compared to the heavy actions that I have always had that I kept taking out my ” Bad Guy ” in the knee caps !!! Thanks again for all your help and fine work getting it into something I can take great pride in showing. Definately looking forward to July and getting the opportunity to learn from the best !!!

    Chris Blessing

  8. I have a Pietta, Colt Clone that has had a Fast draw upgrade, but I have to tell you I have had to have it in the shop (Of idiots) who took two weeks to smooth some edges and figure out I needed RIO primers hmmm, then a second time because the firing pin fell out (Never had the locking pin) they took two+ months to order the part with no results, I go it ordered in two day Hmmm.

    I wrote you concerning my appreciation for inspiring a handicaped 55 year old to try to be a CBFD chapm like my hero BOB M…But being on SSD money is extreamly limited, but I have a B-day comming up end of month, and if I can afford it, it would be the greatest of honors to have Bob or his crew even touch my gun let alone make is faster thank you

  9. Bob,

    FedEx just delivered my backup pair of ’51 R-M Conversions with the custom profiled faux Ivory grips.

    Chris, your grip maker, in the vernacular of the street, is “Da Man”! Great fit, both to my hands and the grip frames. Thanks for getting these made for me.

    Your friend,

    Stuart Barber
    aka Tame Bill SASS #30699 Life/Regulator

  10. Jim Kubitza says:

    Hello Bob –
    I have two old model Ruger 44 mag. 4 ½” Vaqueros, one stainless, the other blue/bone case with an aftermarket Qualite brass grip frame. Neither would hit the broad side of a barn. The stainless one shot about 6 – 8 inches left and strung shots vertically about 8 – 10 inches at 25 yards. The other one wasn’t quite that bad, but its accuracy was also just plain awful. With either gun I stood about as much chance of hitting a bullseye as trying to poke butter up a wildcat’s butt with a red-hot poker. Both guns were over 5 years old and purchased new but because they were so inaccurate, neither had fired even 50 rounds. In my opinion, a gun that won’t shoot to point of aim or that won’t consistently shoot a decent group is about as useful as goose crap on a pump handle, so that’s exactly what I think of stock Rugers. I am just starting SASS shooting, so in hopes of being able to actually use those two pieces of useless junk, I sent them to you for your #1 action job and to hone the forcing cones, which you said would do wonders for accuracy, and to sight them in for 44 special cowboy loads. When I got them back from you, the actions are as slick as ice – the smoothness is unbelievable; both triggers break clean and crisp at well under 3 lbs; cocking them takes about half as much effort than before. The targets that you sent back with the guns show both guns shooting all 6 shots into one 5/8” ragged hole @ 15 yards. This proved to hold true at the range as well AT THE POINT OF AIM. Bob, you have taken $1200.00+ worth of useless junk and turned it into two very accurate precision shooting machines for under $300.00. Those guns were absolutely useless the way they were. I couldn’t have bought new replacements for anywhere near that price, and new replacements probably wouldn’t have shot to point of aim either. Today we usually don’t get what we pay for, but this time I got way more than I paid for! What you did to my guns is worth twice what I paid! What used to be two useless boat anchors are now my two most prized firearms. I can’t thank you enough, and I wish you a lifetime of happy trails.

    I am working up a Uberti Cattleman in 45 Colt to serve as a backup to these two Ruger Vaqueros. It does shoot a decent group, but not at point of aim as I insist all of my guns must shoot. I am having Chris at Chisel and Plane make me a set of nice custom quilted maple grips for it – that will match the profile of my Ruger grips. Soon as he is done, I will be sending my Cattleman to you as well.

    Jim Kubitza
    aka Rancid Loosehammer
    Lacey, Washingtond

    • Bob Munden says:

      You should be happy with the grips. He does excellent work. Glad you are happy with your guns. Send them Ubertis and I’ll do my best to make them just as nice.

  11. Hi Bob I,ve watched your shows with amazement and have become a sass shooter in the Barrie gun club and picking up speed and you are my main mentor for this ,I use Ruger vequero,s in club and also have an 1858 remington replica in >44 I put the .45 colt conversion cylinder in and shot some hot loads they went high left so the gun is made by pietta so what is max load for this gun and what can I do to smooth it out Id love to send it to ya but I cant so Ill have to work on it myself bein out of canada ,oh I should mention the conversion cylinder is a taylor from virginia I bought at Brownells I remain Ranger Rickoche.

  12. Bob Munden says:

    Karl, please call Munden Enterprises in Montana 8am-8pm at 406-494-2833 to speak with Bob directly about the work you want done. For shipping information, visit
    Note that MEI is still providing free, insured shipping on Bob’s gun work.

  13. Karl Elder says:


    • Bob Munden says:

      Bob says: That’s the idea, Pard! If you need work on any more guns, let me know. Thanks for writing in.

      • Karl Elder says:

        Hi Bob, You also worked on one of my 45 Ruger’s. Can you do a Trigger and Action Job on my second 45 Vaquero? I would also like to have Custom Fit Grips like you did on my 44 Vaquero for the two 45 Ruger Vaquero’s. I would like the Grip’s like the Lone Ranger had? I traced a picture of my right hand for the 44 Vaquero, would I do the same for the two 45 Vaquero’s? And do I have to send them both to you? How do you ship gun’s today, and how do you declare them for Insurance? Thank You, Karl Elder

  14. Vic Scott says:

    Thank you Bob for doing my pair of Ruger Vaqueros at EOT 07. I brought them a long way from Northern Ireland to get your magic treatment. This would have impossible to do any other way, shipping would not have been possible with our strict gun laws, but where there is a will there is a way. These Ruger are totaly transformed.
    See you in June pard.
    Slick Vic-Ulster Ranger 69230L AKA Vic Scott

  15. Kam Miller says:

    Butter is not this smooth! The Ruger I just got back feels as if a magician passed his magic wand over it and changed it from the boot to a glass slipper. WOW!

  16. I am writing to express my gratitude for the action work you performed on my four Cimarron 1851 Navy R-M Conversions. Re-engineering more accurately conveys the handiwork you performed on my revolvers as they are nothing short of perfect!

    My heartfelt thanks for turning my revolvers in the World’s Only “Munden Premier ’51 Navy Conversion Race Guns.”

    Tame Bill, SASS #30699 Life/Regulator
    aka Stuart Barber

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