On the video gallery and on YouTube you’ll find a number of video clips of some of Bob and Becky’s exhibition shooting with various types of firearms.

We continue to upload video clips of stories told June 15, 2013, in Butte, Montana, during the Celebration of the Life and Times of Bob Munden.

The family is close to completing two more films the crew was working on with Bob. The films follow Bob Munden: Outrageous Shooting. Finally, if you are wondering,  Becky is still shooting!

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World Renowned Exhibition Shooter with Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns; Holder of 18 World Records in Fast Draw; Entertainer, Master Gunsmith, and the Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived. Feb, 1942 - Dec. 2010. Munden's Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault:



  1. Brenton Wilcox says:

    Disregard last email. I had no idea Bob died. Sorry to hear. Absolute wonderful man aND great shooter.

  2. Rob Caudill says:

    The Fastest of the Fast! The Damnedest Speed I ever seen! You were Awesome Brother. God Bless You!

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