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Bob Munden: Outrageous Shooting DVD



Including footage Never Seen Before, here are decades of Fast Draw and Incredible Exhibition Shooting with Outstanding Instructional Demonstrations, Vintage Fast Draw footage – plus a segment captured on 8mm film showing shooting legend and showman Bob Munden setting one of his many world Fast Draw records.

Bob in his shop doing Option #1 Six-Gun Magic custom gun work from start to finish on a single-action revolver. (Bob trained Jeff Ault to do the work, so Munden Enterprises now offers Munden’s Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault.)

Running Time: 122 minutes

Firearms Bob and Becky Munden Use in Outrageous Shooting:

Browning (Customized) Lever Action Rifle .45LC
Marlin Lever Action Rifle .357
Colt Single Action Revolvers .357
Colt Single Action Revolvers .45
Kimber 1911 Semi Auto Pistols .45ACP
Garcia Double Barrel Shotgun 12ga
Dakota Arms Derringer .45LC
Colt (Customized) 1911 Semi Auto Pistol .45ACP
Freedom Arms Casull Single Action Revolver .454
Smith & Wesson Double Action Revolver .38
Winchester ’97 Pump Riot Shotgun 12ga
Benelli Semi Auto Super 90 Shotgun 12ga

What you’ll see on the DVD Bob Munden: Outrageous Shooting:

1.  Opening
2.  I Can Shoot
3.  Montage
4.  Instinctive Shooting
5.  Thumbing
6.  Fanning
7.  Vintage Fast Draw 1960s & 70s
8.  Live Ammo Exhibition at EOT
9.  Becky Munden Interview
10. The Mover
11. 1911 x 2
12. Pop Bottles
13. Long Distance
14. Aerial
15. Single Action Action
16. Aspirin
17. Bob and Becky Team Shooting
18. Cigarettes
19. Credits over Bonus Scene


“Bob’s Shooting is utterly amazing.” For people who like shooting, the DVD would be “entertaining and informative.”
Phll Spangenberger. Contributing editor for True West and Guns & Ammo magazines

“Amazing shooting from an amazing man…the history section alone is worth the effort!”
– Gregg Townsley, Area 6 Vice-Chairman WFDA

“There are some people out there who don’t think Bob did anything in Fast Draw, and there he is doing it and winning all kinds of trophies.”
– John Taffin, Gun Writer

“This DVD combines Bob’s legendary feats of marksmanship with fascinating vintage footage from the Golden Years of Fast Draw competition.
No shooting library is complete without this DVD!”
– Tame Bill, SASS #30699 Life/Regulator

OUT•RA•GEOUS adj: highly unusual or unconventional; remarkable

**English Subtitles for the Hearing Impaired.**

International Distributor for wholesale buyers: Stoney-Wolf Productions, Inc.


Bob Munden’s Six-Gun Magic Basic Option #1 from start to finish on a single-action revolver

Running Time: 122 minutes




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