Video Gallery

Check out the updated Bob Munden YouTube Channel!

Greetings! We are uploading video clips of stories told June 15, 2013, in Butte, Montana, during the Celebration of the Life and Times of Bob Munden.

Bob passed away Dec. 10, 2012, some weeks shy of his 71st birthday. The family is working to complete two more films to follow “Bob Munden: Outrageous Shooting.” And Becky is still shooting!

Bob Munden Exhibition Shooting Oct, 2012 with Midland’s Wearable Action Cameras

Trailer for Bob Munden: Outrageous Shooting

Bob Munden — Aerial Coin Shots

Bob Munden — Soda Bottles

Bob Munden — Hitting The Nail On The Head

Vintage Fast Draw with the Mundens

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