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Price List: 09/01/2017
Munden Enterprises, Inc.
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Custom Gunwork on Colt SAA, Ruger Single Actions & Colt Clones including Uberti, Cimarron & Open Top Revolvers

Six-Gun Magic Custom Gunsmithing: Option #1

(Price Includes Priority Return Shipping)

Action, Trigger, Forcing Cone & Sight-in at Range 455.00

Individual Services Available

(+55.00 for Priority Return Shipping)

• Hone Forcing Cone 50.00
• Sight-In at Gun Range with Barrel Vice for windage & adjust for elevation 120.00
• Coil Handspring Conversion 100.00
• Coil Mainspring Conversion 300.00
• Hone & Polish Chambers for smoother extraction 75.00
• Bore Cylinder & Fit Bushing to control end shake 100.00
• Fit & Install New Bushing 75.00
• Install Free Spin — on Rugers only 100.00
• Action & Trigger only 300.00

Six-Gun Magic Custom Gunsmithing: Option #2

(Price Includes Priority Return Shipping)

This work on YOUR Colt SAA includes custom coil mainspring and coil handspring conversions, fitting of a custom, steel block in frame to stabilize cylinder bolt, plus critical cylinder machining to deepen locks and lead ins for positive lockup. The Result of this work is the Ultimate Colt SAA for Cowboy Action Shooting, Cowboy Fast Draw or Just Plain Fun. 1255.00

Trigger Work on 1911s

(+55.00 for Priority Return Shipping)

Colt, Les Baer, Kimber, Paras, S&W, etc.

Reliability Package includes complete de-burring of slide and frame rails, honing ID of slide, polishing barrel ramp and breech face, adjusting extractor and reducing trigger pull to a clean, 3 to 3 ½ lb. break. Also, test fire with sight-in target. Jeff sets up 1911 triggers to about 3 ½ lbs.

Call to discuss your desired pull weight. Won’t do below 3 lbs. on 1911s.


We Are NOT A Walk-in Shop

Please drop off guns by appointment only: 406-494-2833
Munden Enterprises FFL: 9-81-093-01-9K-01961

5 % Additional charge for payments by credit card.
We do not sell pre-built guns.
We do not work on Smith & Wesson double actions, or Colt DA revolvers.
Nor do we work on Remington single actions or Schofield revolvers. • #SixGunMagic • #BobMundenFanPage

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