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Shooting USA television’s Impossible Shots — Outdoor Channel (every Wednesday). Look for the Late, Great, Bob Munden and other entertaining, professional exhibition shooters making more of the Impossible Shots fans love, with all kinds of guns (and bows!)


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Birchwood Casey — “Birchwood Casey makes make all kinds of good stuff including the sight black that I use on cloudy days or when shooting a shiny gun. Sight blacks wipes off easily too. I’ve been using it for years.” — Bob Munden

Bond Arms, Inc. — “In my opinion, Bond Arms produces the finest Derringer ever made. Think you can’t hit much with a derringer? I beg to differ. Check out video clips available at the Bond Arms website and on You Tube.”  — Bob Munden

Chisel and Plane Workshop — Using exotic woods and fine materials, Chris Whisler of Chisel and Plane Workshop in Ohio crafts made-to order Munden Recoil Control Grips, specializing in grip panels for the Colt Single Action Army (SAA,) Colt Clones, the Ruger Blackhawk and Vaquero single-action revolvers. Contact Chris to discuss options!

Freedom Arms, Inc. — “Without question, Freedom Arms revolvers are the most accurate single-action revolvers money can buy.” — Bob Munden

Galco International, Ltd. — The people at Galco make superior leather products, including the Bob Munden Speed Rig Fast Draw Holster designed by Bob Munden, and Munden’s Hollywood Buscadero holster. Contact Galco’s Custom Shop for information about how to order: (800) USGALCO (874-2526) Ext: 1008.

GOEX, Inc. — “I load my performance blanks with nothing but GOEX black powder because I can count on it.” — Bob Munden

Hodgdon Powder — “In everything I do with live ammunition on television or at the gun range, my bullets are pushed with dependable Hodgdon Powder.” — Bob Munden

Hornady — Hornady makes a terrific press capable of not only putting out quality ammunition, but producing in high volume. And I use the bullet feeder, which damatically increases my production. With Hornady’s press, you don’t spend your whole life reloading. You can spend it shooting! — Bob Munden

Midland Radio Corp. — Home of long-range, durable and easy to use two-way radios, CBs and other great products including very small, and extremely cool, standard and HD action cameras that clip on hats or just about any other type of gear to capture really great video. “Midland is always coming up with great new products.” — Bob Munden

Oregon Trail Bullet Company — “From exhibition shooting to sighting in guns for my customers, Oregon Trail’s Laser-Cast bullets are the bullets I use and recommend. No question about it.” — Bob Munden

Pioneer Arms Corporation — “Makes a world-class handmade, double barrel shotgun. In my opinion, the quality of this reasonably-priced shotgun is equal to those made by Purdy or Holland and Holland.” — Bob Munden

Wolf Performance Ammunition — “I am having great success with Wolf primers. All of my re-loads have Wolf primers for my exhibition shooting and customer sight-ins. Wolf primers are dependable even with my custom, light actions. ” — Bob Munden


Other Great Organizations Dedicated to the Fun and Challenges of Shooting
and the Preservation of America’s Precious Freedoms:


Outdoor Channel — Home of Shooting USA, Sighting in with Shooting USA, Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots, and other programs about the shooting sports including exhibition shooting, hunting, military and personal defense.

Buffalo Bill Historical Center – Cody, Wyoming – The Story of the American West is incomplete without the firearm. Visit the Cody Firearms Museum to find out why.

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is “The Common Sense Gun Lobby.”

Cowboy Fast Draw Association — This fun and challenging sport uses wax bullets. Check it out!

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association – Raw Horsepower, Hard Ridin’, Straight Shootin’!

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.

Keep and Bear — The Gun Owners Home Page “is a grassroots movement of the people, by the people and for the people.”

National Firearms Museum — Previously on display: Bob Munden’s Golden, engraved Colts and custom, “Munden’s Hollywood Buscadero” double holster by Galco, along with coins Bob shot out of the air with a .45 single action.

National Association for Gun Rights — Civil rights advocacy organization designed to educate gun owners about state and federal legislation that affects their gun rights. The NAGR is “Standing Up For Freedom, Defending the Second Amendment.”

National Rifle Association NetworkThis state-of-the-art network is your gateway to everything NRA. You can browse nine HD video channels, find links to every NRA entity, locate NRA near you, plus get fast access to the latest news and legislation that affects your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Official Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Website — Like so many others, I grew up watching The King of the Cowboys and his girl Dale. As a teen I met both of them in California and came to know the family. Becky teased me once at a Fast-Draw contest before we were married, saying my pants looked like Roy Rogers pants. Well, they were. Roy gave me a few of his hand-me-downs. Years later Becky and I visited Roy and went shooting on his ranch. Roy set some cans up for us to shoot, and even yodeled as he did, much to Becky’s delight. Roy and Dale were good people and American Treasures. — Bob Munden

River Crossing, Inc. — Makers of very fine, custom, authentic clothing with designs inspired by the Old West. “Miss Tabitha” and “Mountain Mike” made a gorgeous leather skirt and vest for my wife Becky. — Bob Munden

Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) — Home of the End of Trail (EOT) World Championships of Cowboy Action Shooting. Not being “joiners,” Becky and I were late signing up: Bad Bob #118 and Montana Belle #119. — Bob Munden

Second Amendment Foundation Seeks to promote a better understanding of firearms rights through educational and legal action. Editorials, publications, and news.

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