Munden's Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault

Bob and Becky’s long-time friend Jeff Ault is an excellent shot and big-time single-action fan who was already a respected 1911 smith in Butte when Bob “learned him” on how to do Bob’s Six-Gun Magic after it occurred to Bob that it was possible he might not live forever after all. Who knew?

Jeff Ault observing Bob Munden in shop.

Jeff with Bob Munden in shop, Rockwell testing a hammer.

Bob never taught is methods to anyone in person until he chose Jeff.

Jeff Ault working on single-action revolver

Jeff Ault working on single-action revolver

After Bob’s passing last December, Jeff and Becky had to concentrate on the work that was left behind — but now Jeff is doing Option #1 and Option #2 on Colt SAAs and Option #1 work orders on Colt SAAs, Colt Clones and Rugers. Jeff does trigger work on 1911s as well. Jeff tunes and builds guns to absolute perfection. Bob expected nothing less.

Jeff keeps his Facebook page very active.




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World Renowned Exhibition Shooter with Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns; Holder of 18 World Records in Fast Draw; Entertainer, Master Gunsmith, and the Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived. Feb, 1942 - Dec. 2010. Munden's Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault:



  1. Frank W. says:

    I too am crawling out of a health hole and am surprised to find Bob gone.
    I have a couple of SAAs needing attention. How do I get ahold of someone to put me on the list?

    • Frank,
      I apologize for not seeing your comment until now. For gun work, please call 406-494-2833 (Mountain Time) to speak with Becky Munden. Six-Gun Magic gunsmith is Jeff Ault. We are working on wrapping up the two films we were working on with my dad when we lost him. It has been difficult to focus on the films, but I have sworn to my mother (Becky) they will be completed! I hope your health has stabilized. I have health issues myself that make accomplishing certain things more difficult, but when I was young, my dad gave me a sign to hang on my desk that said, “You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying.” I have never forgotten that expression. Thanks for stopping by — Bob and Becky’s daughter Natalie

  2. Bob Serpan says:

    I have been following Bob’s career for years. I was absolutely shocked to find out of his passing last December. I was diagnosed with bone cancer about that time and was totally concentrating on my recovery. I am just now crawling slowly out of my shell and becoming somewhat active again only to discover the bad news. I never had the chance to meet or even see Bob in person. I always wanted to. Please accept my condolences and sorrow at the passing of a great artist and man.

  3. Steve Bogdanich says:

    Jeff Ault has been working on my guns for the past 30 years. His expertise and craftsmanship is so unparalleled, that he is the only person I trust with my collection. He has repaired, tuned, and customized every firearm I’ve ever owned. His work is impeccable. If any man could carry on the Bob Munden tradition of excellence in gunsmithing, It is Mr. Ault, He is a true artist. God bless you Bob, and thank you Jeff Ault.

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