Munden Enterprises: Shipping Guide

You can legally ship your gun to Munden Enterprises, Inc. via Federal Express or United Parcel Service (UPS.) Munden Enterprises, Inc. has a Federal Firearms license (FFL). You do not need a copy of it. No additional paperwork is required for you to send your gun, but clerks at local shipping depots are not always aware of the regulations.

If you have any trouble sending your gun to Munden Enterprises for custom gun smithing and can not get the shipping representative to call the manager or corporate office to provide the shipping clerk with the correct information, write down the name, depot location and phone number of the person you are dealing with and call Becky Munden in Montana at 406-494-2833 (8am – 8pm MST.) Becky will contact the company manager for your area and very strongly request that he or she provide the clerk with the correct regulations so you can send your firearm. Know that only one person in the transaction needs a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and that is Munden Enterprises. You do not need to have a FFL, or provide a copy of the FFL, to the shipping company, although if your FedEx or UPS clerk insists on having a copy, we can fax our FFL to them if you provide a fax number and contact name.

Shipping can be less expensive by sending guns through a dealer. Compare fees. Dealers can legally send firearms through the U.S. Mail. If you send a gun to Munden Enterprises through a dealer, we advise asking the dealer provide you with the tracking number immediately upon shipment. This may encourage the dealer to send your gun promptly.

When shipping your guns to Munden Enterprises for Bob Munden’s Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault:

  1. Package your unloaded guns carefully. Zippered gun rugs are perfect. Bubble wrap and foam padding work well to protect gun boxes. Remember that increasing shipping costs are based partially on the size of the package as well as the weight, so we encourage you to re-consider if planning to ship in bulky hard cases.
  2. Include your check, money order or credit card number with expiration date and the exact name that appears on the card. Munden Enterprises accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.
  3. Remember to include your name, mailing address, all contact phone numbers, email address, payment as discussed wtih Munden Enterprises, and a description of the Six-Gun Magic or 1911 work you want, even if you have already talked to us on the phone.
  4. When new guns are shipped from a store, Munden Enterprises requires a copy of the store’s Federal Firearms license, or FFL, which can be shipped with the gun or scanned and sent to

Munden Enterprises suggests that clients notify Munden Enterprises via phone or online when sending in an order — and urges customers to track shipments to confirm delivery. Easily track packages online at or

Munden Enterprises will return your gun directly to you via Fed Ex unless otherwise specified, or if registration is required in the case of a sporting goods store/dealer handling shipment of a new gun.

Becky Munden or Jeff Ault
Munden Enterprises, Inc.
1621 Sampson St
Butte, Montana 59701-3705

Phone: (406) 494-2833
You may also contact Munden Enterprises online.

Be sure to read our gun-work guarantee policy – and thank you for your interest in Munden Enterprises!

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