Six-Gun Magic: Option #2

Munden Colt Premier Action by Jeff Ault

Order Six-Gun Magic Option #2 for your Colt SAA and Jeff will tear it down, then customize and re-build build it into a smooth, crisp and strong Munden Premier Action gun  — the ultimate six-gun for any use, especially Fast Draw.

Munden Premier Action – Option #2 on a COLT SAA includes:

  • A refined, buttery smooth, light action
  • Creating a crisp trigger pull
  • Highly specialized timing, crowning and fitting of the cylinder locking bolt
  • Installing a bolt stabilizer block (another Bob Munden innovation) to protect the frame from eventual collapse when fanning
  • Re-cutting cylinder locks and lead-ins
  • Recessing the cylinder locking bolt to protect the cylinder locks
  • Honing the forcing cone
  • Munden coil mainspring & handspring conversions
  • Sighting in at the range with the use of a barrel vice of Bob Munden’s design

Jeff does triggers the same way Bob did — not ultra light, just perfect. Talk to Jeff about your needs. 406-494-2833 (Mountain Time)

If you’re planning to shoot in the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw, under CFD rules the transfer bar must remain in place.

Honing the forcing cone dramatically reduces lead build up and improves accuracy. This service is included with Option #2.

Sighting in a fixed-sighted gun correctly requires a lot of experience and time – and the use of a special device called a barrel vice to turn the barrel in the frame. This service is also included on an Option #2 Premier Action Gun.


When Bob Munden started shooting in professional Fast-Draw tournaments at age 11, the first thing he discovered was that the Colt single-action revolver was not designed for Fast Draw – a sport Hollywood inpsired. When his gun broke down, through the processes of experimentation and elimination Bob figured out how to improve the parts of the single action revolver so they could withstand the abuse of Fast Draw the way he wanted to shoot it: FAST.

Throughout his competition years, Bob continued to improve the original design of the five moving parts of the beloved single action — and developed several key innovations including Bob’s unique modifications of the cylinder notches and locking bolt and Munden’s Coil Main Spring Conversion (for Colts) a major, optional, upgrade on a Munden Premier Action that eliminates breakdowns.

Note: A stock single-action revolver (a gun straight from the factory) is just not ready for repeated use and can be damaged quite easily – and remember Fast-Drawing a stock gun will, without question, damage the gun. If a shooter tries to use for Fast Draw a stock gun or a gun that has had only a basic action & trigger job, he/she will tear up the locks on all six chambers, sheer off the cylinder locking bolt and eventually collapse the frame.

Six-Gun Magic OPTION #1 is appropriate for most types of shooting, but a Munden Premier Action by Jeff Ault, or OPTION #2, is highly specialized to withstand the punishment of all kinds of shooting, including Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS,) Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Cowboy Fast Draw (CFD) – and especially Open-Class Fast Draw.  Bob Munden stressed his guns like no one else, and he built the actions on the guns he used in competition and to demonstrate Fast-Draw throughout his long career with the thumbing and fanning mathods of draw. Beginning when he perfected the action work in the 1950s, Bob called his super stong and smooth action guns race guns.

 “These are not gimmick guns. Bob figured out how to re-engineer and re-build them to withstand the extreme stresses of Fast Draw and I learned from him in person.” — Jeff Ault

•  If you send us YOUR Colt SAA, the cost for the Option #2 work is $1700.00 delivered.
•  If you request from us a Colt SAA Option #2 already built and ready to go, the cost is $3500.00 delivered.

We encourage you to read our shipping guide before sending guns to us.

Munden Enterprises, Inc.
Munden’s Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault
406-494-2833 (Mountain time)

Option #1
On Colt SAAs, Clones and Ruger SAs (Trigger Pull 2-3 lbs)


+ Overnight (O/N) Shipping of $75
Option #1 Package: Action, Trigger, Cone & Sight-in comes w/FREE O/N Ship


Individual Services Available for Option #1 with Flat-Rate O/N Shipping of $75
• Hone Forcing Cone


• Sight-in at gun range – for windage & elevation


• Coil Hand Spring Conversion


• Coil Mainspring Conversion


• Hone/Polish Chambers for smoother extraction


• Bore Cylinder & Fit a Full-Length Bushing – controls end shake


• Fit New Bushing


Custom Guns to Order (In-House Guns)
Option #2  – Complete description:                                                                                                                                
Option #2 with Colt SAA  — Comes w/ Free Fed Ex O/N Shipping


Option #2 on YOUR Colt SAA — — Comes w/ Free Fed Ex O/N Shipping


Trigger Work on 1911s – Colt, Kimber, Paras, S&W…


Triggers set up to 3-4 lbs, Call to discuss your desired pull weight. Won’t do below 3lbs on 1911s














Contact Munden Enterprises by phone at 406-494-2833 (8am – 8pm MST) to talk to Jeff Ault or Becky Munden about Six-Gun Magic Custom Gun Work by Jeff Ault. You can also find Jeff on the Six-Gun Magic page on Facebook.



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