Six-Gun Magic: Option #1

Making Your Single-Action Revolver Strong, Crisp and Super Smooth

For a Stronger and buttery smooth Single Action, contact Munden Enterprises and order Munden’s Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault Option #1 for all types of shooting including Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS,) Cowboy Fast Draw (CFD,) Cowboy Mounted Shooting (CMSA,) Target Shooting, Rolling Cans and, other shooting sports as long as you don’t plan to fan your gun. The ability to fan the gun requires OPTION #2 work, Munden’s Premier Action.

Munden Enterprises Custom Gun Work OPTION #1 is NOT just a tune-up. After Jeff sets up your gun, it will shoot better immediately and the gun will have a dramatically longer life.

Gunsmith Jeff Ault
A stock, single-action revolver is just not ready for repeated use and can be damaged quite easily, even with normal use – and Fast-Drawing a stock gun using the fanning method will, without question, destroy the lock work and ruin the frame in short order.  If you plan to Fast Draw using the fanning method, you really should talk to Jeff about Munden Premier Action, Option #2. Call for price on Option #2 gun work for Colt SAA.

The Option #1 is perfect for most purposes, Munden’s Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault Option #1 costs $250 and includes:

  • A Fine, buttery-smooth action Job
  • Creating a crisp trigger pull to 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 lbs (Customer requests within reason, but Jeff will not do ultra light triggers)
  • Highly specialized timing and crowning and fitting of the locking bolt

When building Option #1 on COLTS, RUGERS and COLT CLONES Jeff lightens the flat main spring without weakening it. He also replaces the flat bolt and trigger spring with one of Bob Munden’s design. Bob designed his bolt and trigger spring in the 1950s in Southernn California at the beginning of the creation of the professional sport of Fast Draw, sometimes called “Quick Draw.”

Flat springs of any type are of very limited use and are a very archaic way of tuning a single action. I offer optional coil springs of my own design and use them in my own guns. To date, in spite of working my guns to the absolute max, I have yet to have one of my springs break.
— The late Bob Munden

  Bob personally taught Jeff how to make Six-Gun Magic.

Jeff automatically makes the flat mainspring on the Colt SAA adjustable, and works on the locking bolt, the heart of the gun, to ensure positive lock.  Jeff times, centers, fits and crowns the bolt, which ensures positive lock up and protects the locks on the cylinder from rollover damage.

If you are really serious, Option #1 work can be expanded for even better performance if you request Munden’s Coil Hand Spring Conversion which costs $100.

Also available Munden’s Coil Main Spring Conversion for $300. What Jeff does are major upgrades that eliminate breakdowns in those areas. Note that Munden’s coil main spring conversion is NOT a kit. The conversion requires machining of trigger guard, hammer and frame.

On RUGERS Jeff replaces the stock springs with Bob Munden’s Custom Spring System, which Bob first designed in the 1960s. Jeff not employ spring kits. He eliminates creep in the trigger and makes it nice and crisp. The action is silky smooth. All internal mated surfaces are honed, polished and fitted to perfection.

The trigger pull work has not changed. As Bob always did, I set up a clean-breaking trigger pull of around 2-3 lbs., or what the customer wants, within reason. I will not do super light, unsafe, triggers.”  — Jeff Ault

Honing the Forcing Cone

When Jeff hones the Forcing Cone to 11 degrees, he dramatically reduces lead build up by making sure the cone area is truly round and by eliminating machining marks where lead build-up takes place. Jeff highly recommends honing the cone to improve accuracy, and will add that work for $50.

Sighting In to POA

“All that action work won’t mean anything if the gun doesn’t shoot straight.” — Jeff Ault

Most fixed-sighted guns will shoot low and to the left. Sighting in a fixed-sighted gun correctly requires a lot of experience and time – and a special device called a barrel vice for turning the barrel in the frame at the range. Bob Munden did this for years. For an additional $100 Jeff will also personally sight in your gun at the gun range. Jeff will use your ammo if this is requested and provided, or he can use a standard velocity load to shoot to point of aim.

We encourage you to read our shipping guide before sending your guns to us. Note that in spite of increasingly expensive shipping costs, Munden Enterprises offers free return shipping on full-package gun work orders, which is option #1 with the extra services of honing forcing cone and sight in, or orders for Option #2. For less inclusive orders, expect a flat fee of $75 to cover insured Fed Ex overnight shipping.

Munden Enterprises, Inc.
Munden’s Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault
406-494-2833 (Mountain time)

Option #1
On Colt SAAs, Clones and Ruger SAs (Trigger Pull 2-3 lbs)


+ Overnight (O/N) Shipping of $75
Option #1 Package: Action, Trigger, Cone & Sight-in comes w/FREE O/N Ship


Individual Services Available for Option #1 with Flat-Rate O/N Shipping of $75
• Hone Forcing Cone


• Sight-in at gun range – for windage & elevation


• Coil Hand Spring Conversion


• Coil Mainspring Conversion


• Hone/Polish Chambers for smoother extraction


• Bore Cylinder & Fit a Full-Length Bushing – controls end shake


• Fit New Bushing


Custom Guns to Order (In-House Guns)
Option #2  – Complete description:                                                                                                                             
Option #2 with Colt SAA  — Comes w/ Free Fed Ex O/N Shipping


Option #2 on Colt SAA — — Comes w/ Free Fed Ex O/N Shipping


Trigger Work on 1911s – Colt, Kimber, Paras, S&W…


Triggers set up to 3-4 lbs, Call to discuss your desired pull weight. Won’t do below 3lbs on 1911s
















Contact Munden Enterprises, Inc. by phone at 406-494-2833 (8am- 8pm MST) to talk with Jeff Ault or Becky Munden about Six-Gun Magic Custom Gun Work. You can also reach Jeff on the Six-Gun Magic Facebook page, which like the Bob Munden official fan page, is updated often.


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