Gunsmith Jeff Ault

The Knowledge Passed On…

Munden's Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault

Bob and Becky’s long-time friend Jeff Ault is an excellent shot and big-time single-action fan who was already a respected 1911 smith in Butte when Bob “learned him” on how to do Bob’s Six-Gun Magic after it occurred to Bob that it was possible he might not live forever after all. Who knew?

Jeff Ault observing Bob Munden in shop.

Jeff with Bob Munden in shop, Rockwell testing a hammer.

Bob never taught is methods to anyone in person until he chose Jeff as his understudy.


This is what it takes to sight in a single-action correctly. Bob developed this barrel vice system to bring the sights to point of aim at the range without scoring or damaging the gun in any way.

Jeff does Option #2 work on Colt SAAs and Option #1 work orders on Colt SAAs, Colt Clones and Rugers. He also does trigger work on 1911s as well. Jeff tunes and builds guns to absolute perfection. Bob expected nothing less.

Jeff keeps his Facebook page very active. Check out:





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