OPTION #1 – A Strong, crisp, buttery-smooth gun. Perfect for most types of shooting, Munden’s Six-Gun Magic gunwork by Jeff Ault customizes Colt SAA, Colt clones and Rugers with quick turn-around time so you can get back to the range. Ault says the work is absolutely guaranteed for the life of the gun and all parts and materials are the finest available. Lead time on an Option #1 order with payment is 21 business days.  Learn More about Option #1!

Before sending your guns with payment to us for gunwork, PLEASE read our SHIPPING  GUIDE.

OPTION #2 – Munden Premier Action is the ultimate COLT single action built to withstand the stresses of intense use – and for the extreme demands of the Fanning method of Fast Draw. Learn More!

GUNSMITH JEFF AULT – Jeff was Bob Munden’s understudy and does Six-Gun Magic custom gunwork exactly the way Bob did. On the 1911, Jeff also sets up a nice, crisp trigger with no travel, or creep. Keep up with Jeff at his regularly updated Facebook page:

Contact Munden Enterprises by phone at 406-494-2833 (8am- 8pm MST) to discuss your customizing needs – or contact Munden Enterprises online.

HISTORY: Munden’s Six-Gun Magic

For decades Bob Munden earned his living with guns. From a very young age, when he first entered shooting competitions, Bob was forced to figure out how to customize, and radically improve, single-action revolvers so they could withstand the stresses he put them through.

As a kid, Bob had no money for gunsmiths, and none knew how to build guns to make them hold up to shooting thousands of rounds of Fast Draw practice for sometimes several matches every week. After developing ground-breaking innovations for building super-strong, reliable, single actions and perfecting his craft, Bob began customizing guns for other shooters. Bob continued this work until his death December 10, 2012.

L-R, Midland's Stuart Barber, Jeff Ault and Bob Munden at EOT, 2008

L-R, Midland’s Stuart Barber, Jeff Ault and Bob Munden at the Bob Munden’s Six-Gun Magic booth at EOT, 2008

With what he called Race Guns, Bob Munden won thousands of trophies, hundreds of major championships, still holds 18 world records and, has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. The super tough and smooth race actions in Bob’s guns never broke down in any tournament, or during any exhibition.

Beginning with their first performance as a duo at the Tri-County Fair in Bishop, Calif. in 1968, Bob and his wife Becky entertained throughout the U.S. and in other countries, depending on restrictions, using all types of guns including hand guns, rifles and shot guns. When Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) was born, Bob and Becky were there – and Bob’s Six-Gun Magic skills were needed. He was Cowboy Action Shooting‘s first gunsmith and supported shooters in the newer sport of Cowboy Fast Draw as well.

Bob Munden thoroughly knew and understood gunsmithing on single actions with which he made his living, and did the best work in the business for Cowboy Action Shooting, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Cowboy Fast Draw and other single-action shooting sports. He also did his custom action & trigger work on several other types of firearms. In addition, Bob’s taught first Mike Wallace and then Chris Whisler how to hand craft custom recoil-control grips. Bob came up with the design in the early 1960s. Owner of Chisel and Plane Workshop, artist Chris Whisler continues to offer Munden Recoil Control Grips, which he crafts with beautiful materials and custom-fits not only to the gun but to the owner’s hand for optimum efficiency.

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