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  1. Martin says:

    Bob Mundon. What an incredible man. With highest respectful sentiment from Germany,

  2. Paul says:

    I would just like to say God Bless Mr.Mugen first and foremost the man is a Legend to his sport his craft and some one like me yes with a air rifle admires his skill that he did his whole life the man was unbelievable unheard of the things he did no one could do ! God Bless you Sir peace and respect !!!

  3. Bill Petko says:

    I don’t get to watch many shooting programs and hadn’t heard of Mr. Munden’s passing until today. Very sadden by the news. It was a pleasure to watch him shoot, enjoying something he truly love to do. I wished I could’ve met him in person, but that’ll have to wait until my next life. God’s peace to you, sir.

  4. Donald Hansard says:

    Well it’s June 1, 2014. I DVR’ed the “Impossible Shots” tribute to Bob Munden and just now got around to watching it. I sure do miss him. I loved to watch him do rapid fire with those single action Colts as well as the “Long shots” with all kinds of pistols from 44 Mag to 22’s. There will never be another Bob Munden, rest in peace my friend.
    Becky, keep shooting dear!

  5. Tim says:

    Sorry to hear about Mr Munden, love to see him on tv. Wish could seen him in person he was the best shooter i ever seen will be miss so much,Some just told me of his passing.could not believe it was true it .Becky sorry for your lose.god bless your family.You know when friends say if you could meet anybody who would it be. To me it was Mr,Munden… Tim

  6. Rock Salts says:

    Dear Becky,
    Almost a year, and I’m still saddened over the loss of Bob. I’ve recorded the memorial show that Impossible Shots did on him, and have watched it several times. I first saw you two at a “special assembly” at my junior high school in Meridian, Idaho about 1976. Although I, like so many of the period, grew up watching westerns, it was your show that sparked my interest in the guns of that period. I’m still a fan of primarily single action revolvers. I was lucky enough to see your show two more times in Spokane, Wash. , one of witch I got to talk to Bob and handle his guns ! A thrill for sure !! He was a great guy and I’ll always remember him and you as two of the best. Thanks for the great memories. God bless, Rocky.

  7. Larry Campbell says:

    Dear Mrs. Munden,

    Mrs. Munden, I just now read of Bob’s passing. I am very sorry for your loss. I used to watch your husband on the Shooting USA television show. Bob was the best exhibition shooter on that show, by far. One of the things that I always liked about watching your husband was that not only was he an amazing talent, but he always seemed so friendly and bigger than life…he seemed like someone who was very real and very down to earth. Our prayers are with you and your family. God bless.


    Larry Campbell
    North Carolina

  8. Drew McClure says:

    Dear Becky,
    I was shocked and extremely saddened to hear of Bob’s passing and you and your families loss. He was truly a great Ambassador for the shooting sports, and regardless of whether you were a ‘Pro’ or an ‘Anti’ Bob would get you going and entertained. Truly an amazing ‘Showman’, shot, and gunsmith.
    I have not heard the cause of his passing, but I hope it was as fast as his shooting, even if FAR too soon !
    I first met Bob in the early ’80’s, he opened his small trailer and a bunch of ‘shot up’ pop cans came rolling out the back, I picked up as many as I could and said ‘I’ll put these in the garbage for you.’ Bob got very agitated and said, “NO.NO, do you KNOW WHO I was shooting those with last night ? Roy Rogers ! ”
    I’ve never forgotten that, or practically ANY of the ‘pearls of wisdom’ from Bob on many of our subsequent meetings.
    Bob will certainly ‘Live on’ with us forever, gone perhaps, but NEVER forgotten !
    Sincere condolences,
    Drew McClure

  9. Kathleen and David Engle says:

    We just learned of losing Bob. Our condolences to his family and friends.
    He will lbe greatly missed. He was one of our heros, his talent and personality were both bigger than life. The world is richer for having him and poorer for losing him.

    He and Becky are loved and in our thoughts and prayers.

  10. Fernando "Freddy" Portillo says:

    I was not aware of Bobs passing and it is with great sorrow that I heard the news belatedly. I saw Bob and Becky long ago in NYC at the convention center. We were happily surprised to see that he was allowed to put on a demonstration of his legendary skill and were in awe of his speed and accuracy. He and his wife came across as kind, respectful, professional, capable and as American as apple pie We were very proud of them “representing” the firearms community in such an anti gun town. They were/are an inspiration. Throughout the years I have regaled people with what I saw Bob do. A legendary man in modern times. I grieve for his loss and wish his family much strength of spirit to deal with this time. To Mrs. Becky Munden, you convinced many a lady to take part in our firearms community. As much of a gentleman that Bob was to the world, you were every bit the Lady and his worthy counterpart. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  11. Bill Weddle says:

    I have good memories of meeting you both at End of Trail when it was in southern California. Bob stood inline to shoot and then would do his show. I remember visiting with him while we were waiting to shoot. I was Kid Curry in those days. The year he split a playing card edge wise with a borrowed Colt 45, he said it was the first time in front of an audience. I was sitting up front. Shooting the corner off wasn’t good enough so he threw another in the air and split it pretty close to down the middle ! Wow.
    I am sorry for your loss Becky. The USA needs more people like you and Bob Munden.
    , Bill Weddle

  12. Stuart Erickson says:

    Becky so sorry for the loss of Bob he was a wonderful performer, historian and all around GREAT GUY. I’m sure him and Jay Defrehn are snapping caps up there together.

  13. shea conaway says:

    We will not let them erase history! RIP Mr Munden

  14. MIke McKinney says:

    There is little that I can say here that has not already been said by so many, but I would like to say how sad it was for me to learn today of Mr. Munden’s passing. I have no doubt that his loss effected, or affected a great many people. Though I am relatively new to the art and skill of cowboy action shooting, and a long time fan of the fast draw, the life and accomplishments of Mr. Munden and his wife Becky have inspired me to appreciate how the love of something can impact so many lives in a positive way. May Almighty God in his wisdom and mercy bless Bob Munden and his family in the way their lives have had an influence on mine.

  15. John says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Mr. Munden’s passing!
    I so looked forward to seeing his segments on “Impossible Shots”, on Midway’s Wednesday Night at the Range. Although I never met Mr. Munden, I felt that I knew him after watching him on TV for so long! I am a Law Enforcement Officer, with the United States Department of Justice and a firearms instructor. Knowing what I know or…rather how little I know, made me appreciate what Mr. Munden was able to do with a firearm, all the more.
    I pray the Holy Sprit who is the comforter, will be with you during these sad times. And, that he will give you peace that supasses all human understanding.
    Lord bless!
    Most respectfully

  16. Dr. Ron Washak says:

    Deep sympathy for your loss of BOB. I feel honored to attend your school with Bob and you as it was delight for you to invite us into your home. My guns created by Bob will always be in my family and they are now a part of histories famous shooters. My prayers are with you.
    Thank you for the many great memories.
    Yours in Christ,

    Ron and Joni

  17. Keith says:

    I saw Bob when I was kid ( I am 61) and have loved him since. I loved his impossible shots segments. I just learned of his passing. Please accept my condolences for you, the girls and the rest of the family.
    I used act like Bob with my toy Colt when I was kid.

    Keith Carmany

  18. Roger E. Rupard says:


    I was truly saddened to hear about Bob’s passing. I was fortunate enough to see you and Bob perform at a gun club in the Kansas City area a few years back, and the things you and Bob did were absolutely amazing. I watched Bob on “Impossible Shots” and other TV shows many times and was always amazed at what he did. He was denitilely one of a kind and will be genuinely missed by many people, myself included.

    My sincere condolences to you and your family.

  19. Lucas Meyer says:

    Bob truely was the Fastest ever.
    Bob Munden has been an inspiration to millions, and will be sorely missed.
    I was very sad to here of his passing. I guess god just wanted some tips on fast drawing. lol…

    Well, anyways, I just wanted to thank you Bob, and Becky, for all your hard work, and I know Bob’s legacy will forever live on.

    wow, just imagine who get’s Bob as a gaurdian angel… lol


    Thanks you. I’ve been a fan of Bobs ever since I was very little, and will be a fan till I too join Bob in the afterlife. God bless.

  20. George Bobbitt says:

    I just heard about Bob’s passing from Jim Scouten. I will have the Munden family in my prayers for a long time. I feel lucky to have talked to Bob about the work on guns that he has done. I just wished I could have had him worked on my gun for fast draw. I would have came out to pick it up just so I could have met the man I have watched so many times. It is a great loss for the shooting sports. Jim said he was going to do a tribute to him on Shooting USA in the near future. I will have to get a copy of the show from Jim to add to my collection of videos I have on Bob. He will be greatly missed.
    God Bless.

  21. Greg Staffelbach says:

    To Becky and the entire Munden family:
    It was always a great pleasure to see Bob on TV performing great feats with his guns. His skill and his humor will always be remembered by me. I wish that I had taken to time to go and see one of your exhibitions. Now I will have to wait until I meet him in the after-life. My heart felt good wishes are extended to you and yours. Bob will surely be missed.
    God Bless.

  22. Lamar Huffstutler says:

    Dear Munden Family,
    Prayers and Blessing to you all. Bob is the very best. we were lucky that he Lived during our time. Thanks for the memories, Rest in Peace.

  23. David Iverson says:

    Our prayers are with Becky and all of the Munden family!
    Bob is missed already. He inspired me to push my accuracy with my derringer and to increase my speed.
    I went to Shooting USA to see what was comming up in the new year. And found out the bad news. We have lost a great man and out standing shooter.

  24. Allen Henderson says:

    Thank you for everything that you have brought to the shooting sport. I have enjoyed your amazing feats with a handgun for quite some time. Have never had the pleasure of meeting you in person, much to my regret. Your talent is never to be repeated. My thoughts and prayers go out to your lovely wife Becky and the other members of your family. I know that you are now brining your special brand of humor to a better place. This world is now a lot sadder since your passing. God Bless you Bob Munden. You will be missed.

  25. Rev. Dr. Hollis Trubshaw says:

    I just found out about Bob’s passing and wanted to convey my condolences to the family and all his friends. He was a very good man and he will be missed by many. He madepeople feel like part of the family. I always enjoyed watching him and was always amazed. I know you will miss him very much and my prayers go out to you. May he rest in peace and he will never be forgotten by anyone who knew him. Please know he is with the Lord now and has no pain or worries. May the Lord bless and keep you

  26. Jim Niemi says:

    Thankyou so much for what you have done over the last 50 years. You and your wife’s talent has impressed millions over the years. You are respected among a vast number of people other than just the shooting community. Your contributions to Shooting USA were amazing! And gave more people the opportunity to see his talent and to sit there with your mouth dropped in amazement. Thankyou Bob the Fastest Man who ever lived. Rest in peace buddy!

  27. Tyler says:

    i just found out about bob’s passing and i makes me very sad he was a good man and a good shooter this is a big loss to shooting and anyone who shoots my he RIP

  28. Carrie Jo (Crawford) Churba says:

    I met Bob and Becky when I was a little girl. They were friends with my parents. My father and Bob grew up together. I’ve heard many a story about the trouble they use to get into! For many many years my family spent a lot of time with the Munden family; we have many cherished memories of time spent with their family! Bob was a great man who will be missed! Becky please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  29. Becky,
    We will always cherish our visit, thank you for being so kind.

  30. Bob Wortham says:

    Dear Becky and Family,
    You all are in by prayers. Bob will be missed by many shooters today and generations to come. I remember the first time I met You and Bob thirty-five years ago at one of you alls shooting exhibitions in Sherwood, Arkansas. Bob was larger than life. You were incredible as you all shot and told stories. Real people with a true passion and love for people and the sport.
    I am so sorry that I passed on Bob’s offer to get me to come out this summer so he could teach me fast draw with a fully tuned Colt SA by Bob. I was planning on seeing you all this Spring. Bob sure was a good friend to law enforcement………
    I wish we could have found that half dollar back in Sherwood.
    God bless and Peace,
    Bob Wortham, Ret. LRPD

  31. lespaulmann says:

    ..he is dead. No problem… he lives on in evereybody who shoot a little bit faster!

    R.I.P. Bob

  32. cody s says:

    I was on when I heard about bob’s really sorry to hear that the shooting world had lost a great and anazing person. U will be greatly missed. I really enjoyed watching you on impossible shots…thank you bob for inspiring so many lives over the years..r.i.p bob munden

  33. FJ Hutch says:

    It is sad that a dear member of our shooting scosiety has passed, but it was not before leaving us with many good memorys of his time with us.

  34. John Brandenburg says:

    I was deeply saddened to hear of Bob’s passing, he will be sorely missed by countless numbers he has touched over the years. Bob is a great American, and he has left a void in our shooting sports that cannot be filled. God bless your family and thank you for sharing Bob with us. With deepest respect and admiration. – John Brandenburg, Clarksville Tennessee

  35. Gary H. Tryon says:

    RIP Mr. Munden,

    I have known Bob and Becky for at least 4 decades. I remember watching him performing at Pioneer Park in Mesa, AZ and shooting at some of the Fast Draw Competitions. He and Becky would often come to my Parents House, Gary and Joyce Tryon to visit, trade guns, stories, and practice.

    To all, he is a loss that all the Shooting World will miss.

    To Becky and Family, Prayers and God Speed be with you.

    Gary (Butch) Tryon

  36. Andrew Puchniarz says:

    Rest in peace, Bob. You will be missed.

  37. David Simmons says:

    My thoughts and prayers to the Munden family on Bob’s passing.
    I enjoy watching Bob on Impossible Shots.
    It’s a big loss to the shooting world and the loss of a very talented man.

  38. Devin says:

    Just was informed of Bob’s passing. I can’t tell you how much Joy I have gotten out of watching this man shoot. Thanks for the memories Bob! Vaya con Dios.

  39. Don Mossman says:

    Hey Mr. Munden…Just a few quick lines to let you know how much I appreciate all youve done for the shooting sports. I have been shooting black powder revolvers for what seems a lifetime, and here in Missura, Bob Munden is still the king! If ya ever get down here to the Ozarks, you and Becky have an open invitation for an afternoon of shooting and BBQ! Thanks again for all you and your crew do to promote our sport!

  40. Dale Scott says:

    Dear Sir, (Bob Munden)
    I was very happy to see you back this season on Impossible Shots. I myself have been an avid shooter (non-competition) for all my adult life and even early on as a youth.
    I so much enjoy watching your DVD’s and anything I can catch up with on T.V. of
    your expert MARKSMANSHIP!
    You are without a doubt, one of the best and perhaps, “The Best” shooters of all time.
    I really appreciate and enjoy watching and “trying” to get or catch all and anything I can pick up on to help improve my own shooting and marksmanship.
    All the Best,
    Regards, Dale

  41. Richard Winchell says:

    I’m setting here tonight after watching your video sent to a Mr. Ben Huestis . He’s told me that you’re working on his Colt single action 45 customizing it. WOW!!! I told him since he’s spoken to you directly by phone he should now refer to you as “Uncle Bob!” LOL
    Hope we can get the gun to Ben real soon!!! He can’t sleep a wink!!! LOL
    God bless you my fast shoot friend, Richard and Ben

  42. m e says:

    Thank you Bob…. You are amazing!!!!

  43. Richard Quast Bean says:

    Hello Bob Munden and Becky Munden,

    Holy Cow!!! Very Fast!!!
    You are a BadAss Cowboy! Someday I would like to meet you and your wife.

    Hi Becky,
    You are so cool.

    Back to Bob again,
    Hey Bob,
    I know why the Foreign does not want invade in U.S.A. because they are afraid of BadAss Cowboy. (LoL and just kidding…)

    Best wishes to you and yours,

    Richard Quast Bean – Montana – July 11, 2012

  44. christine miller says:

    Hi Bob
    my name is christine miller (formerly munden) ive seen you perform a few times and think you are awesome, pretty cool to watch, my dad is Virgil munden from missouri, i think you are cousins, any way just wanted to say hello, and looking at your web page

  45. Becky Rhodes Snyder says:

    Whoops! The Hacienda Hotel was about 1975 or so – then you came back to Vegas in 1987 with Becky and that is when I met her for the first time! Just wanted to get the dates right!

  46. Becky Rhodes Snyder says:

    Hi Bob and Becky – I know you will sort of remember me! I was going through one of my old albums and came across your picture – This is Becky – remember from the Hacienda Hotel 1987 in Las Vegas? What wonderful memories – so happy to go through your website and find that you and Becky are doing well. Take care – and if you come to Vegas be sure to let me know!

  47. Howdy,Bob. I just wanted to let you know that when I watched you open the safety pin I was absolutely amazed. It has to be the bestest shot I have ever seen. I think that I have really thought up a really difficult shot for you. String up a thin piano wire and graze it and make it ‘twang’ while not cutting it. Try it vertically and horizontally. For the really difficult shot put up two wires side by side just far enough apart so that you the bullet has just enough room to make both wires ‘twang’ all the while not cutting one or both wires.

  48. jeff blanchard says:

    bob ive been watching you for years , my grandfather was also a quick draw and taught the local police how to use there guns . i got pics but no video of him back in the old days doing also amazing things with his 6 shooters , my father said if he wasnt sleeping he was shooting 24 / 7 , i never got to meet him because he passed away 3 months before i was born in 1970 … watching you today reminds me of him . thank you…..

  49. Uwe Vogel says:

    have see ur shooting yesterday in german tv…….good that u life in this timeage……maybe some times earlyer, someone are searching for so peoples…for to bad mess up…..on a mainstreet at 12 o’clock on the day……maybe i have see to much western movies…….you pull the trigger by moving the gun up ways…..that is little crazy……think the most stops for a moment before they pull the trigger………have u watch about ur shadow?……maybe u are faster as ur own shadow… luky luke movies………maybe u make the sequence faster as the bullet can fly…….


    • Bob Munden says:


      Thank you so much for your very nice compliments. I am glad you enjoy what I do. I had a good time working with German film crew a while back.
      Thanks again,
      Bob Munden

  50. Bob,
    I am 54 years old and i’m sad to say I just found Cowboy Fast Draw and you and Becky. I stumbled onto your videos on YouTube about 3 weeks ago and I have now exhausted the supply. You are amazing to put it mildly. I am like a kid in a candy store now. I am purchasing my first .45 caliber Ruger single action. I haven’t fire a shot yet and I am excited about CFDA. I think it is a shame that the Guiness people took your records out of the book. Thanks for listing a few on your website.
    I hope to be able to send my Vaquera to you to have you put you magic touch on the action for me. I have read so much about you and the fine work you do on the single action revolvers.
    You are a legion in my book. I really hope to meet you one day. I am the Pastor of a small church here in Florida and I would like to invite you and your wife to stay with my family a night or two if you are ever in the Tampa area. I am very serious about that. We would love to have you. I’m a good cook and we would treat you so many different ways you’d be bound to like one of them.
    Well God bless you and Becky and may you be able to shoot for years to come.
    Rodney Fontaine

    • Bob Munden says:


      Thank you for your generous comments and kind invitation. I always like hearing about people getting into the fun of the shooting sports. To prepare your gun for Cowboy Fast Draw, do send it to me. Please call 406-494-2833 Mountain time and I will be happy to tell you all about it.

      By the way, if you want to see more shooting, consider visiting our online store where you can pick up the DVDs Bob Munden: The Collector’s Edition and the latest production, Bob Munden: Outrageous Shooting.

      Thanks again,
      Bob Munden

  51. Stu Magnuson says:

    “The Big Bear High School basketball team won the state championship every year Bob played.”

    What??? That’s outrageously incorrect!

    • Bob Munden says:


      Thank you for your important correction. We contacted Bob and Becky and Bob said that the Big Bear Bears did NOT win every year he played. He said the team continued to improve, and that he believes they had a very good winning streak after he graduated. Bob loved to play basketball and said he was allowed a key to the gym so he could go in a practice or play whenever he wanted, which was often. Thanks again for the correction!

  52. david says:

    Mr. Munden.
    Wanted to say thank you for sending my sons an autograph photo with your name, i showed my son austin your double shot on stan lees super human. He was in awe! Wanted to say to you also that timing is one thing that does not lie, so when i read how others trash talk, in my life ive learnt their is only two reasons for this, plain jealousy, or the lack of your rarity sir. Like i previously wrote had you lived in the old west history would have been rewrote. And ive read where they say you drew before the timer, newsflash, its digital, and the timer starts on your movement, Case closed Mr. Munden you are the fastest man that ever shot a gun. THERES ALI, BRUCE LEE, AND BOB MUNDEN. HERES THE END OF REALITY STORY 101

  53. Allen says:


    Sorry to hear of your health problems i too suffer from them, if i knew i was going to live this long i would took better care of myself, please look at these links and be informed, to stay health you have to eat food you know about, this fast food now days will kill you, take care and see if you can lay your hands on a VCR Tape called Dead Doctors Done Tell Lies, maybe some readers here have one and will send it to you, will really open your eyes to health care nowdays, good luck and God Bless, Allen.….-171209662.html

  54. David says:

    Mr, Munden.
    .my granfather was a big fan. I am also I qualified expert in the service with a rifle and a 45. If you were a in the days of wyatt earp, billy the kid, or jessie james, history, wouldve have been rewritten. But you purpose was not to mame or kill. You are the legend in your art like Ali, Bruce Lee, You like them are rare and in all rarity, there are no equals. You are humble and that speaks alot of your character. You are a legend sir.

  55. Brian Paul says:

    I just wanted to take a minute and respond to the facebook post. I got all of your viedos, great deal on the combo pack with the autographed photo, the coin with letter of auth, and both dvd’s. I loved it all. We all enjoyed watching it.
    To answer your question what can you put on the new dvd, I would say, I want to hear you talk about the good old days. How you got started. I want to see more footage of you shooting. Especially finals, ect.. where you won all of your 3500 tropheys.
    I would also love to hear you and Becky talk about those times, traveling with the kids. how things have changed, ect….
    Your wisdom, knowledge, skills, and abilities are truly remarkable. And you should share that with all of us. Lord knows we need to hear good old common sense in todays world, and you are full ot it. LOL…. I bet Becky says that to you a lot.
    Really, I truly would like to hear and see the old shows you were on like Mike Douglas, Dinaha Shore, Johnny Carson, ect….
    I alos love those imposible shots. I am sure whatever you do I will love it.
    I recently sent you a gun for me and my 7 yr old daughter to go shot with. I can’t wait to get it back and see the magic you have worked on it.
    Thanks again for everything you do. You truly are one of a kind.
    Your friend
    Brian Paul

    • Bob Munden says:

      Some of Bob and Becky’s early history is featured in Outrageous Shooting. We really appreciate your comment and will keep your thoughts in mind as we move forward with other projects. Thanks again!

  56. Tony Bennett says:

    Good on you Bob keep shooing …….all the best….Tony

  57. I could go on forever about the admiration and respect that I have for Mr. Bob Munden but most of it’s probably all been said before so I’ll just say thank you for being such a great inspiration to all who’ve known of you and thank you especially for being such a great American! You are the best Bob!

    Best wishes to you and yours,
    Daniel L. Munk

    • Bob Munden says:

      Bob says: Thank you, Daniel. Becky and I performed for the first time in 1968 and were able to build a career doing what we love doing. We’ve been performing for so long, we’ve actually had people come up to us and say they saw us entertain and teach gun safety at their grade school. What’s funny is that they have their grand kids with them! Oh, MAN!

  58. Joseph Barbarise says:

    Hi Bob. I’ve been a member of IPSC and Fast Draw Association for many years. I’ve heard of you and saw you on Internet. Your speed was hard to believe until I saw you in person in Orlando. WOW. I was shocked and very pleased to see you draw. You are the best ever.

  59. Richard Haas says:

    Bob: I watch Impossible Shots just to see what you’ll do next. I just recently started shooting handguns. I have a .45 Colt SAA copy and a Ruger SR9c. The old .45 is my favorite. It just feels like it’s part of me.

    Your skill amazes me. I wish you and Becky good health and many more years of shooting.

    • Bob Munden says:

      Bob says: Richard, Thanks for the nice comments. If you are interested, give me a call about fixing up your SA. 406-494-2833 (MT time 8-5.) I can make that baby sing!

  60. Kam Miller says:

    Holy Moly, Bob, you are being touted on the Hancock County Gun Club (Carthage, Illinois) website. On the Club News page, scroll down a bit.

    I wonder who did that?!?!

  61. Don Hopkins says:

    Bob you are one of my heroes!!

    God Bless you and Becky.

  62. Vic Scott says:

    Received your new DVD today WOW love it, you are a comedian Bob you should be on the stage……..the next one out of town LOL.

    Vic Scott
    Northern Ireland

  63. Kam Miller says:

    Just got done watching the OUTRAGEOUS SHOOTING DVD. Awesome is not the word for it as it does not do it justice. It is not expressive enough a word. Now I will wonder what Bob was thinking as he worked on my Ruger Bisley not too long ago, turning it into the eye-opener it is today. I don’t get to smile much, but I was all smiles when I ot it back and tried it. So has everybody else who has tried the action on my Ruger now. Yep, I wish Bob could see that, the looks, the smiles but, uh, sorry, no kisses for you Bob. I don’t go that way.

    I will kiss and hug Becky for you, instead.

  64. I record all the Impossible Shots episodes, and I fast forward until I get the Bob Munden experience. I can’t get enough – really good to get to know that side of you.

  65. Dave says:

    Bob, Thank’s for the reply. I am wondering. if Nena still has the place there in the mountains?
    Also I was wondering, when the best time would be to ask you about one of your pistols. I am not one to be a quick draw person. I know my son likes it. I ,myself am a hunter and an ex hunting guide. I enjoy a PO Ackley 30.06.. I do believe you know my brother, he, built it for me, He is the one that I met Bill through.. I played a song on the guitar for Bill called the Red Headed Stranger. Bob, this guy was a fine man. He spoke very highly of you Told me if you ever meet my brother and law and he has a pistol strapped on him come correct or go home. . I have no knowledge of the mechanic’s of a fast draw pistol. My son has been an outstanding citizen. I would like to talk to you about maybe purchasing one for him for a surprise.Was wondering when would be the best time to call your outfit.. Bob, thank’s again for your time.. Dave

    • Bob Munden says:

      Dave: Feel free to call Munden Enterprises 8am-8pm at 406-494-2833 (MT time) and he will be glad to answer your questions. Yes, Nena still lives in the beautiful log home Becky’s brother Bill Lewis built. We miss Bill fiercely. Would love to hear more about the story you mentioned.

  66. Dave says:

    Bob, I knew your brother in law, Bill. He spoke highly of you and told me what a fine gunsmith you are. He also carved a walking stick for my son when he got his Eagle Scout. You are amazing and so was Bill. I miss him, Dave

    • Bob Munden says:

      We both really miss him too. He was a great fast draw shooter and did very well when he shot with Becky and me at End of Trail World Championships his last year. He was my best competitor in Fast Draw. He took second at the Nationals in Las Vegas one year. He and Nena drove with us to Alaska in 1990 on the AlCan Highway. We laughed all the way there and back. Congratulations to your son for his accomplishments.

  67. Matt Paust says:

    Bob, I’ve been in awe of your shooting skills since I first watched you and Becky perform on Shooting USA a couple of years ago. I’m eagerly looking forward to your new DVD, which Natalie tells me is on the verge of being released. I hope your recovery is going smoothly. – Matt Paust

  68. Bob Munden says:

    Thanks for your good wishes. Actually, I’m doing very good for the shape I’m in. Still working in the shop and shooting at the range. Oh, and riding my Harley!

  69. gene stump says:

    hell-o bob and becky our prayers and best wishes to you, you are by far the best single action shooter, EVER! i love single actions best, have quite a collection of freedom arms, wayne knew his stuff, have a succesful recovery. gene and arva stump canton ohio

  70. Oversier, Tim says:

    Bob, ongelofelijk wat U met wapens kunt uithalen. Ik heb verschillende youtube filmpjes gezien en ook die film waar wordt verteld dat de krachten op je arm 10G zijn. Ongelofelijk, twee schoten en je hoort er maar één. Succes…
    Regards Tim Oversier, The Netherlands

    • Bob Munden says:

      Tim from The Netherlands. The translation we have for your comment is:
      incredible what you can little difference with weapons. I have seen and various youtube related that film which is also told that the forces of you are poor 10g. Incredibly, two shots and we hear there is only one

      Bob says: Thank you for your comments. I believe you are talking about my appearance on The History Channel’s program titled “Stan Lee’s Superhumans.” Working with the human movement testing specialist was pretty cool. When you get a chance, visit our YouTube page: mundenenterprisesinc. Thank you kindly, and visit us again for news about our DVD that will be available very soon!

  71. Robert H. says:

    Mr. Munden,
    Were you ever in Bagdad,AZ? And if so did you know a man named Richard Baker? I’ve heard stories he was a fair quick draw back in the old days

    • Bob Munden says:

      Bob says: I don’t think I was ever in Bagdad, AZ and I don’t recall the name of Richard Baker but in the “old days there were many fast draw enthusiasts and many of us were pretty darn good. Thanks for writing in!

  72. Martin Bockmann says:

    Mr Munden,
    I just had the first time the opportunity to see you in action and find myself speechless, the jaw wide open. Like you said in one of these movies: It has nothing to do with magic. You ARE that lightning fast. To watch your abilities is truely breathtaking, it’s a gift. Back in the 90s I used to live in Missoula MT and, I can hardly believe it, hadn’t heard of you. Now I’m in overseas in Germany. Well, too bad for me I guess. But here comes my question: Do you guys plan a show in Europe? Any chance to get to see you over here? I’d really appreciate a short feedback, Sir.
    Thank you and best regards.

    • Bob Munden says:

      Bob says: Martin, thank you kindly. Becky and I have performed overseas several times, twice in London for the Paul Daniel’s television show. Paul is a magician and asked me how I did the “illusion” of two shots to hit two balloon targets. That was probably the greatest compliment I have ever received. I told him there was no illusion. I really did it. He had the crew play back the footage in slowed, slow motion (this was before the super high-speed cameras they have today) and saw that I did indeed fire two shots, just too fast for him to see. We don’t have other overseas appearances scheduled. Keep track of us on our website and on Facebook. We’ve got a DVD coming out soon that I think you will really enjoy. Thanks for writing in!

  73. Bob Munden says:

    Bob says: Ironically, when you wrote in we had just returned home from performing at two locations in Kansas, and I’m back working in my shop. Very soon our new, 2-hour DVD will be available though, so please keep checking in for information about the release. Also, don’t forget to watch Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots on the Outdoor Channel every Wednesday. If you don’t get the Outdoor Channel on your TV service, call them up and ask that it be added to your available channels. Thanks for the nice comments!

  74. Harry & De Anna Merrill says:

    Mr. Munden,

    I’ve heard some amazing stories about you from my husband and Rick Erickson. On our way back from Wyoming Harry was talking about needing to send a gun to you for some work, so I thought I would check out your website. It is awe inspiring to watch your you-tube videos. I would love to see a live demenstration. Do you have any public appearences coming up? We moved from Ennis to Kansas and dont get up to MT very often but maybe something would coincide with a trip.

  75. Oliver says:

    Helllo Bob!

    Ich komme aus Deutschland und habe Deine Videos gesehen. Fantastisch ! Als Jäger und Sportschütze habe ich so etwas noch nicht gesehen! Ich denke, ich werde mir auch einen .45 Colt SAA zulegen müssen 😉

    with best regards from Germany

  76. conrad laughlin says:


    • Bob Munden says:

      Bob says: I’d rather be on the gun range than work in a prison. I’m glad my videos or TV appearances gave you something else to think about. Thanks for writing in!

  77. Ron Brabbin says:

    Hi Bob,
    i met you when you were a teen ager in Big Bear. I worked for your uncle Floyd Bert and worked with your dad for a while at foreign car clinic. I went with Floyd to see his sister. I saw you trying to out draw yourself in the mirror. You also put on a demonstration when I worked for Ohnstad foreign auto wrecking in Gardena.
    You are amazing with a gun.
    Ron Brabbin

    • Bob Munden says:

      Bob says: Your note really brought back memories. Floyd and my dad have passed away, but I liked going down to Floyd’s garage and hanging out. I don’t really remember you, but my trying to out-draw myself in a mirror sounds familiar. I think I actually did outdraw myself once. Ha. If you have any photos from those days in Big Bear, let me know. I was there recently and drove by the house my family lived in, “Rocky Den.” The little bunkhouse where my brothers slept is still there.

  78. Becky thank you for taking time to let me interview you a bit today at the Kansas State Rifle Assoc Event at Tri County Gun Club. I will plan to write an article and will publish it on our site soon at This was the second time I was able to see you and your husband shoot together and really enjoyed it. This time my husband and daughter came with me to watch. I know it was hot and very humid here today, with is quite a bit different from the weather in Montana (which we love MT by the way.) Best wishes to both of you.

    • Bob Munden says:

      Becky says: I certainly enjoyed meeting you in the air conditioned room the Tri-County Gun Range made available, and look forward to reading the article. YES it was HOT but it was worth if for all the fine people we met. Keep enjoying hunting and the outdoors.

  79. Jon Bowden says:

    You have always amazed me ever since I saw you and Becky when I was a little guy in Indianapolis at the Fair Grounds at the Fall Boat Sport and Travel Show (Must have been the late 50s). I watch you every Wednesday on Imposible Shots and just the other day I saw you on Stan Lee’s SUPERHUMANS. You truely are ” Faster than a RATTLESNAKE”, but you already knew that I’m sure. Give my best to your Family and keep on dropping our jaws. You are an inspiration like no other. I am a NRA Certified Instructor and have a clip of you shooting the Two Ballons in the blink of an eye on my laptop and the students just sit and stare with amazement. YOU THE MAN 🙂

    Here’s to you, Good Health and the 45 LC. Respectfully, Jon Bowden
    P.S. Can’t wait untill your new video comes out. It’s another one of those “I gotta have one”

    • Bob Munden says:

      Bob is glad that you remember him from way back when, although he is not certain of the date. “Thank you most kindly for your support. Keep on tuning in to “Impossible Shots.” On our Website and Facebook page we’ll keep everyone updated on the release of the DVD.”

  80. samuel Mordente says:

    Bob: Never miss a impossible shot show, you always amazes me

  81. Bob & Becky,

    Great new website, really ike the photo and video gallery.

    Melissa and I count you and Becky as some of our closest friends and look forward to seeing you in the coming months. Plan on being our guests when you visit Kansas in June while performing at the Kansas Rifle Association event and the SASS Kansas State Championships the following weekend.

    BTW: The ’51 Colt Navy R-M Conversions you “reengineered” work flawlessly. Thanks again!


  82. David Avila says:

    Wow! I saw you on TV the other day and I’m impressed how incredibly fast you still are!
    My Dad was an aquaintence of yours back in the “old days” when Fast Draw was called the fastest growing sport in America. The photo gallery brought back lost memories of those days, especially the 1960 photo of you, “Lil Joe Benson, Curt Blakemore ( I still have one of his old rigs), Lupe Cantu, and was that Stan Sweet on the end of the row there. I couldn’t identify the rest they sure looked familiar.
    Thanks for the emories and thanks for keeping the art of skilled Fast Draw shooting alive!

    • Bob Munden says:

      Bob says, “Good to hear from you! I sure remember the name Avila from those days. I’m so glad I have the pictures and can share them. Our new DVD to be released soon features a section of vintage fast-draw footage from as far back as the 1960s. We had 8mm reels of film in storage for decades and it was really something to look at them again.”

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