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Bob Munden - The Fastest Fun Who Ever LivedSince he was a teenager, Bob Munden has been setting world Fast Draw records and accomplishing amazing shooting feats for audiences worldwide.

Bob is featured on Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots Wednesdays on The Outdoor Channel. Bob says he loves thinking up new exhibition shots to try and enjoys hearing from fans who send him their ideas. Of all the special shooting he has done for television, the shot people comment about the most is when he hit a 14″x 24″ steel, rectangle target 200 yards away 4 times in a row using a stock, iron-sighted (no scope) Smith & Wesson Model 60, .38-caliber, double-action revolver with a 2″ barrel. Or… perhaps it is the shot where he opened a safety pin with a bullet, using a 1911. Now that we think about it… the splitting two playing cards by splitting a bullet on an axe blade is pretty popular too. Coming up this year.. Don’t miss the KNIFE shot!

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On one segment of American Shooter (1995-2001) Bob fired 2 shots and hit two separate, 14″ x 24″ steel targets with .45 caliber bullets so quickly that the shots could not be recorded by a computer timer.

Bob says the most difficult shot he has accomplished, many times, in front of a camera and on DVD, is a shot that to his knowledge had never been done before. He throws and splits (not only hits) a playing card in two while it is in the air, using a Colt .45 single-action revolver. The first time Bob accomplished this feat was at the 1986 SASS End of Trail Tournament in Coto de Caza, California, using someone else’s gun. It was a .45 single action he had never touched before that belonged to EMF’s Boyd Davis.

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In 1995, Bob competed in the Bianchi Cup Pistol Tournament (The NRA National Action Shooting Competition) in Columbia, Missouri. Lots of competitors were there, but Bob was the only one who used a Colt .45 single action, with iron sights. The Bianchi Cup was designed for double-action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols – and the events are timed. Though, because he was using a single action, he had to cock and fire his gun for every shot, Bob did well enough in the competition to win money. Many spectators stood there with their mouths open as Bob hit target after target with his cowboy gun. Bob did it for the challenge – and the fun. Bianchi Tournament officials test-fired Bob’s ammunition with his gun to make sure Bob was shooting the required 120 power-factor minimum. Bob was using ammo with power factor of 175. The DVD Bob Munden — The Collector’s Edition includes a bonus feature with footage, with Bob’s commentary, of Bob competing in this tournament! It is truly fun to watch.

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Bob holds 18 unbroken World Records in Fast Draw competition that he set with a real, stock-weight, Colt .45 single-action revolver. Though the World Fast Draw Association erased the records more than once when they changed regulations or timing equipment, Bob set them again, always using a real gun and a real holster, no light-weight “funny guns” or gimmicks. In competition with blanks, some of his records are:

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Walk and Draw Level Event: Fastest Time Ever Recorded: .15 hundredths of one second – Arcadia, CA 06/04/1972.

Standing Reaction Balloon Event: Fastest Time Ever Recorded: .16 hundredths of one second – Norwalk, CA 01/21/1973.

Total of Five Separate Shots, Standing Reaction Balloons: 1 and .06 hundredths of one second – Arizona State Championships, 1966.

Self-Start: Fastest Time: .0175 hundredths of one second – Guinness Book of World Records Museum, New York, 1976. This time is less than one half, of one half, of one tenth, of one second. Bob has been recognized by the Guinness Book as: “Fastest Gun” “Quickest Draw” and “The Fastest Man With A Gun Ever Alive.”

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Using live ammunition, Bob holds the record for hitting a 2′ x 4′ steel, rectangle target 21′ away in .21 hundredths of one second.

Bob isn’t the only one in his family who has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. In the 1970s’, Becky Munden was listed for her Fast Draw Record of .27 hundredths of one second for Standing Reaction Balloons.

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Bob’s brother, CW4 Philip G. Munden, U.S. Army, Aviation (retired), holds 5 world records he set as a member of the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights sky-diving team. Individually, Phil holds a parachuting record for making 43 consecutive, dead-center landings at night on a 10 cm (3.9″) disk.

Bob and Phil’s world records last appeared in the same edition of the Guinness Book in 1980.

If you look at recent editions of the Guinness Book of World Records, you will notice that with the exception of Olympic records, most shooting records are no longer listed, including those set by Annie Oakley, Ed McGivern, Tom Frye and Bob Munden.

A Note From Bob About The Guinness Book of Records

“In 1981, the year most shooting records disappeared from the Guinness Book, I called David Boehm of the Sterling Publishing Company and asked why. He told me that there is a committee that approves books to be used in school libraries across the nation. The committee informed Mr. Boehm that it would only approve the Guinness Book for continued use as a reference book in school libraries if gun records were removed. To protect the Guinness Book from a black list, that’s what the publishing company felt it had to do. If you look at recent editions of the Guinness Book of World Records, you will notice that most gun records by shooters using real firearms (not gimmicked with things like light-weight aluminum barrels,) are no longer listed, including those set by the famous Annie Oakley, Ed McGivern, Tom Frye and myself. It is a shame that a small group of people on that education committee, people who probably grew up in cities away from the shooting sports millions of Americans and citizens of many other nations appreciate and enjoy, can have the power to effectively erase history.”

— Bob Munden

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