Welcome! Here, learn more about the Munden Enterprises and the services of Six-Gun Magic Custom Gunsmithing by Jeff  Ault; about Becky Munden and of course the late Bob Munden (02/08/1942 – 12/10/2012), holder of 18 World Records in Fast-Draw and first identified by Guinness World Records as The Fastest Gun Who Ever Lived.

World-Renowned for his Exhibition Shooting skills in person and on screen with handguns, rifles and shotguns, Bob Munden was a crowd-pleasing entertainer with wife, exhibition shooting partner and fellow shooting champion Becky Munden.

A superb gunsmith on single-action revolvers and other firearms, Munden Enterprises, Inc. launched Munden’s Six-Gun Magic in 1995. Today, Munden’s former understudy Jeff Ault does the same custom work on single-action revolvers. Jeff also does fine trigger work on 1911s.










































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