About Bob Munden

Welcome 2017! Please note we are updating our spread here on the Web. We will announce when all updates are complete.

Meantime, We invite you to follow these links to learn more about the late Bob Munden (02/08/1942 – 12/10/2012,) holder of 18 World Records in Fast-Draw and first identified by Guinness World Records as The Fastest Gun Who Ever Lived.

World-Renowned for his Exhibition Shooting skills in person and on screen with handguns, rifles and shotguns, Munden was a crowd-pleasing entertainer with wife, exhibition shooting partner and fellow shooting champion Becky Munden.

A superb gunsmith on single-action revolvers and other firearms, Munden Enterprises, Inc. launched Munden’s Six-Gun Magic in 1995. Today, Munden’s former understudy Jeff Ault does the same custom work on single-action revolvers.











































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