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Here you will find all kinds of HISTORY, PHOTOS, VIDEOS, ARTICLES and NEWS about Munden Enterprises, about shooting legend Bob Munden (Feb. 8, 1942 – Dec. 10, 2012) and his wife and long-time shooting partner Becky. Together Bob and Becky began ENTERTAINING audiences back in 1968 at the Tri-County Fair in Bishop, California.

  • Bob Munden
  • This is also a place to learn about MUNDEN’S SIX-GUN MAGIC BY JEFF AULT. When he was Bob’s understudy, Jeff learned from Bob in person the very same custom gunsmithing techniques Bob Munden engineered, developed and perfected to make single action revolvers extra strong, crisp and smooth as silk. Jeff also does trigger work on 1911s. Visit the GUNSMITHING sections of this site to see price list.

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    On the video gallery and on YouTube you’ll find a number of video clips of some of Bob and Becky’s exhibition shooting with various types of firearms.

    We continue to upload video clips of stories told June 15, 2013, in Butte, Montana, during the Celebration of the Life and Times of Bob Munden.

    The family is close to completing two more films the crew was working on with Bob. The films follow Bob Munden: Outrageous Shooting. Finally, if you are wondering,  Becky is still shooting!

    Memorial 70-Shot Six-Gun Salute to Shooting Legend Bob Munden

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    Bob Munden with Trophies from a Single Fast-Draw Tournament

    Bob Munden with Trophies from a one Fast-Draw Tournament

    JUNE 11, 2013:

    Bob Munden, famed as The Fastest Man With a Gun who Ever Lived, as an exhibition shooter with handguns, rifles and shotguns; as well as a master gunsmith, passed away Dec. 10, 2012, at age 70 of a heart attack.  A “celebration of the life and times of Bob Munden” will take place Sunday, June 16th, 2013, at the Butte Gun Club in Rocker, five miles from Butte.

    According to Munden’s wife and shooting partner Becky Munden, the public is invited to attend the event, hosted by the Butte Gun Club and the Munden family.

    Becky reported this week she decided the “70 Shot, Six-Gun Salute,” in keeping with the tradition in western movies, is to begin at “high noon.” She said family members and special guests in squads of seven shooters using single-action revolvers or “six-guns,” will fire a total of 70 shots – one for every year of Bob’s life.

    “Bob was skilled at shooting all kinds of guns,” Becky said, “but the single-action revolver was the original, his favorite gun to shoot and work on.”

    Becky will fire the first shot of the salute on Sunday. Close family friend Jeff Ault, also of Butte and the man Bob trained to take over the gunsmithing part of Munden Enterprises, called Munden’s Six-Gun Magic by Jeff Ault, will shoot the salute’s 70th and final round.

    The send-off will take place just outside the Butte Gun Club’s historic Schützenhaus (shooting house) where for Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots on Outdoor Channel, Bob made some of his most noted exhibition shots using a S&W .38 caliber Model 60 and a .22 caliber buckle gun to shoot targets 200 yards away off-hand (without a scope or rest) to demonstrate that handguns can be accurate even at long range. The Schützenhaus was also the location for Munden’s School of the Fast Gun with blanks and wax ammunition, held annually beginning in 1993.

    The gate to the Butte Gun Club range will open Sunday at 10:30 a.m. A guest book, photo and video displays and, refreshments will be available to people who go the range to witness the salute, which for Becky will be a bittersweet but made easier by the presence of family and friends.

    “Bob made it possible for us to make a living shooting our cowboy six-guns. Using blanks, and live ammo where appropriate, we traveled all over and were rarely apart,” Becky said. “Our first show was in Bishop, Calif. in 1968.

    “We competed, supported the shooting sports, taught gun safety at school assemblies and entertained people in live performances or on television, and now YouTube, for a really long time.”

    Although a champion shooter in her own right, Becky gives most of the credit for their long career to Bob. “Bob was the one they wanted to see because he was an amazing shooter and entertainer.

    “I wanted to honor Bob with this memorial event and give family, friends and fans the chance to do the same.”

    Becky has said more than once,  “I was so blessed to spend almost 50 years of my life with this very special man.”


    A Favorite Munden Fan Post

    ImRamro commented on YouTube:

    “Bob Munden was my first inspiration and idol. I remember watching old VHS videos of him and was always amazed by his wit and charm. He made shooting look and feel like Christmas morning.”




    In MEMORY Of Bob Munden: An Etched, Bronze, 3D Memorial Plaque

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    It’s beautiful. It’s heavy. It is a one-of-a-kind work of art. The 18″x24″ etched, bronze, plaque created by West Memorials in Memphis, Tennessee, is PERFECT!

    Created in what is called the Uvalde 3-D style, the letters are raised and you can feel the bullets in the cylinder of Bob’s single-action revolver. You can feel the buckles of the holster boot and extra special — you can feel Bob’s sunglasses! The details are perfect. Instead of a hyphen between the DOB and DOD, there is a star. Of course! Bob’s raised signature is at the bottom.

    Becky waited to open the box until both of her daughters could be with her for the unveiling. When the three of us saw the plaque we were speechless. We had anticipated something fine, but were overwhelmed. Even Bob would be more than satisfied!

    We can’t thank each of you enough for helping to make possible this wonderful plaque memorializing Bob Munden. It arrived a few days ago. Bob passed away Dec. 10th of last year, so even the timing of delivery was great.

    Paul West and his team at West Memorials, Memphis, Tennessee, did a wonderful job, showing respect for the loss of Bob and dedication to their craft.

    Yes, even Bob would be impressed. We think his bronze memorial plaque is magnificent.

    To everyone who has contributed to the Bob Munden Memorial Fund, you made this possible. You did this for Bob. Check back for news about installation of the plaque in Butte.


    Becky says, “We chose well when we chose West Memorials.”

    — The Munden family

    Keep shooting straight!

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